“Tout Lumen” by Jonathan Abotiwine

You know how everyone might get a subpoena someday?

I feel like I’m not far from being compelled to appear anyway.

Life’s Court; necessary burdens, biblical responsibilities, parental expectations, societal prestige, the list is really endless.

You see, the problem with society is that we refuse to accept that not everyone is made for the same kind of life.

So the requirements for a successful life are pretty cut and dry in our part of the world:

Go to school, get a job, settle down (some never settle in that space after saying those vows), make babies etc.

Is that really our calling?

I mean, isn’t there supposed to be more to life than the above stated?

Let’s take a minute to think about that.

While you’re at it just skip right to the next line which is where my story begins.

I bet you’re wondering where I’m going with this. Relax, okay? I’ll knock you out soon with my message. This is really just about me and my impending summons to the cliché of a court that many men face.


Everyone falls in love they say;

We all have a price to pay

In respect of the Savior’s way

Of showing us love on the cross.

Love is indefeasible in the face of all other virtues; once you fall in love, there is really no encumbrance to your affection for the other person. Okay you nerds, I’m trying to say falling in love can be likened to the effect of registration of title under PNDC Law 152. See section 43.

Once you’re in love with one person, you’ve effectively conveyed all your ability to love to that one person. This means that you really don’t have anything left to give someone else. If however you intend to reserve some of it for some other persons, it must be stated prior to the acceptance by your partner. Again this is like a conveyance of some interest as prescribed by section 13(2) of NRCD 175. It’s not like that’s even practicable…


I’m going ahead to tell my tale in the language that you appreciate above all others so please indulge me, let’s tell the story our way.

She came around and took over my attention in ways I didn’t contemplate. Let’s say she destroyed my pre-existing order. She applied herself to me so efficaciously. So much so that she has become my foundation of happiness.

The question of what love is, is highly philosophical.

One has to traverse the very depths of human confusion to make meaning of the emotional ambiguity that love is in itself.

Love defies logic. That much I know.

Love is pragmatic. I mean the workings of love are pretty much in line with Dworkin’s appreciation of the job of the ideal judge and his place in the administration of justice.

Some people never get the concept because they are preoccupied with the trivialities that accompany the experience.

Be mindful, for of trivialities, true love doesn’t concern itself.

I once subscribed to the school of thought that posited that love is only a social construct, carved by man to explain our ever present desire for company.

Today I stand in awe, in confrontation with my previous belief.

It’s going to be a long journey;

I don’t mind she’ll be my commander in Chief.

Take my heart and let it be,

Interwoven and glued to yours and you’ll see,

How functional we’ll be as one.


Oh! And your eyes, they’ve got this glow

I know, I know,

Not everyone is a part of the show

That compels an unending flow of joy from the depths of our souls.

Take my hand, fix your gaze on mine.

Let’s walk this path hand in hand.

There are so many things I don’t believe in anymore.

But I can say without a pinch of doubt, that love isn’t one of them.

Every night of my life, I see light;

You illuminate my path;

Your glow is indeed all bright.