Trophy-For Women’s Day By Elinam De Souza

You competed, fought hard and gave it your all

Better than the multitudes, everyone else was small

Strategically, cautiously, you plotted and schemed

What you viewed as an opportunity, others considered a dream


Whether you played fair or felt you had to cheat

Your cold heart exuded warmth at all the challenges you beat

Don’t say you love the game, when undoubtedly your only care

Is what people will say, all the niceties you’ll hear


Me, mine, my, self

Your proud anthem, recited with stealth

Pretending you care, like a father for his own

When the ample truth is, your “own” is a clone


After all the lies; no one thought you had the nerve

You won first prize and claimed a trophy you grotesquely didn’t deserve

You held it high, but not nearly as high as your ego

Your boys watched in awe, “You’re a lucky guy, y’know?!”


Made of pure gold, with an immaculate shine

A shape worth admiring, a feel so divine

And at the foot of the trophy, on a silver-plated brace

Were the words “The Game of Love: An Award For First Place”


They wanted to capture the moment, you and your new trophy

“Adjust the focus”, you said, “Make sure all you see is me”

When you finally got home, you tossed it to the ground

But wrapped it in a ball of insecurity, so it wouldn’t make a sound


Its presence made you happy, although it wasn’t seen

Some dust on it would disappoint you, it always had to be clean

You loathed any embarrassment, you were immune to disgrace

So when your friends came over, it’d be on your table again, showing its shiniest face


When you’d finally reaped all its benefits, when it was of no use

Forget it, wrap it, sell it, melt it, or trade it for expensive shoes?

Like diamonds tossed before swine, you didn’t know its worth

And that is why for boys like you, God shouldn’t waste the gift of birth


Now let’s rewind, playback, think back, and maybe let’s pretend

That someone deserving had won this prize, it had a happy end

Be ye not fooled, the message is coded, but I really hope you see

I am powerful, I am independent, and I darn well ain’t nobody’s trophy