Try This Love By Keziah Engmann

As part of the just ended Law Week celebrations

A few of us made a charity trip to the Dzorwulu Special School

And there it hit me so strongly

While dancing with some of the most talented children

That each of them radiated a part of the happiness

I always hoped would grace my law-infused days



And I honestly couldn’t help but wonder

What if our joy lay in investing in the lives of others?

What if contrary to basic logic and sound reasoning

The “more” we hopelessly crave was actually in the “more” of others?

Will we be fine? Will the earth still be round?

Goodness, this is not what self-centredness preaches!



Aside making me glad in ways I may forever remember,

The charity trip also made me understand

That the necessaries I so often took for granted

As basic entitlements

Were the focus of the prayers of so many

Prayers it would take a bus trip on a sunny Saturday morning to answer



Perhaps I had always known though hardly believed

That it was more blessed to give than to receive

Because there’s a way knowledge is a white elephant

Unless it becomes an unfaltering conviction

A kind that clouds our very reality

And almost demands a positive action on our part


By all means,

You certainly don’t have to visit children with special needs

To realize that the smiles of your loved ones

Including those of your not-so-very-much loved ones

Make your day better than your own smiles do

Smiles you hardly see unaided by a mirror -or selfie- anyway



So just like a well-functioning pendulum

May your love swing and bounce eternally

Because God forbid that it be centred on one person

Lest the non-reciprocity cripples your self-esteem

Causing innocent freemen to endure your unending hostility

The kind that makes you unfriendly with your very self



To sum up Friend, I invite you to try this love

To try being uncomfortable for others

And I assure you, should your efforts fail

You will still breathe

And the sky will certainly still be a bright blue

Above all, your actions will by themselves petition the heavenson your behalf

But Good Lord, will our egos let us be this great?