Wining, dining and almost crying by Maame Akua Koduah

From the opening ceremony to the charity trip on Saturday, students eagerly awaited the dinner. This dinner was to climax the 2019 Law Week celebration. One could practically smell the excitement in the air as Saturday evening drew close. Ladies started making serious preparations for gowns, accessories and makeup. The gentlemen had the manly task of paying for the tickets of the ladies whom they asked to the dinner, with some having to pay for a few other female colleagues in addition. (How do I know this? I have my sources.) Almost every final year student of the School of law was looking forward to this dinner… ‘our last supper’. Who would not want to go to a posh hotel to wine and dine with the brethren?

Alas, an unfortunate incident happened to a group of ladies at the hotel. These ladies ended up becoming a side attraction at the dinner. I am sure you are wondering how that was possible. Let us take a walk through the sands of time.

The unfortunate eight. Gorgeously dressed, these ladies were. From the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. Right from the hairdos to the dresses and down to the shoes, everything was simply on point!

And yes….I happened to be one of them – the unfortunate eight.


The cause of our predicament. Upon entering the hotel, all eight of us headed for the elevator. Four of us entered first. (That was the number of people allowed to use the elevator at a go per the instructions outside off the elevator.) As we prepared to head up to the second floor, the security man who was standing in the lobby approached us and asked why we were not all getting inside the elevator. He made us aware that the other four could also join us because the elevator could take up to 8 people. What he forgot to tell us was that the eight people had to be less than 640 kg in weight.

I for one saw this information plastered within the elevator but I decided to go with what the security man said instead of listening to instincts. After all, we were just going to the second floor and besides we were all in a hurry any way. What at all could happen?

The elevator started its ascent. Our lovely journey had thus begun.

The evil elevator. Wait. Scratch the ‘lovely’ in the last sentence above.

Our terrible journey had begun.

One of us remarked that the elevator was going slowly. No one seemed to pay particular attention to this remark. And then, the elevator stopped on the second floor.


Surprise, surprise- it refused to open!

And now began the tortuous twenty five minutes of our night. The alarm was not great at first. We started pressing buttons hoping that the elevator doors would open. They remained tightly shut. It was as if the elevator felt it had been overused by pesky human beings and that now was the time for payback. After pressing the buttons available unsuccessfully for some moments, some of us started banging on the elevator. Others started shouting and calling friends for help. Our group was therefore divided in the elevator…The Bangers and The Screamers.

It was around this time that some people noticed that something was wrong. The executives started talking with management of the hotel. Classmates and juniors stood on top wondering what would be done about the situation. Those of us in the elevator stood, sweating in different degrees, as the air grew stale.

Freedom at last! Hope seemed to grow as the elevator started its descent for us to get out. Finally! After about six times of shakily moving up and down like a see-saw, the elevator finally came to a stop on the ground floor. It opened just enough for us to come out. I felt like we were the survivors of a war as we savoured the fresh air. It really felt good to be free!

Oh and like the glorious divas we were, we did not rush out when the elevator doors slipped open. We walked out gracefully and graciously….like princesses!


Despite this hindrance, the dinner was a success. I enjoyed myself with the exception of the food which I had high hopes for. I am still deciding whether or not to give the hotel a bad review for the elevator episode and the food. Only time would tell.


NB The last two sentences in the last but one paragraph are actually fallacious statements. We all rushed out! Once bitten, forever shy!