You Should Participate in the 2019 Lex: Lead Essay Competition

Hello Everyone! Allow me to introduce you to the Lex: Lead Competition.


What is Lex: Lead?

The Lex: Lead Essay Competition is an annual competition organized by a group known as Lawyers for Economic Advancement intended for law students in selected countries around the world. The eligible countries include developing and least developed countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas.  Each year, the organizers pose a question based on a theme that borders on development, justice or poverty alleviation. This year, the question is: How can access to justice reduce poverty and support economic development?


What kind of Essay is required?

You are required to address the question in not more than five (5) pages with font size 12, single spacing. There is no particular style, feel free to express yourself in any way as long as you answer the question. Do not plagiarize ideas, provide a reference list for works and authorities used.

Where do I start from?

You have up to 31st October, 2019 to register and receive your Lex: Lead ID. After that, you have up to December to write. The period for submission of essays is between 1st December and 31st December 2019. Visit to register and access competition rules.

Who determines the winners?

Lex: Lead essays are reviewed by a select group of law professors, international court judges, lawyers and ambassadors.

What next?

In February each year, Lex: Lead announces winners. Last year, 10 writers were awarded. This year, they are awarding 15 writers.

What do I win?

Lex: Lead will make a $500 cash award to 15 winners in February-March next year for the essays submitted in December 2019. Also, all participants who submit an essay will get a certificate of participation and winners will get a winner’s certificate. Winning Essays will be published in the 2020 bulletin of the International Bar Association.

Further, winners become Lex: Lead ambassadors and join a growing pool of talent that is tapped into by Lex: Lead partners like the International Bar Association, the World Bank and the American Bar Association.

Do I stand a Chance?

Yes you do! Ghana has a very good record in the competition. Winners from Ghana in the ten year history of the competition have been Mawunya Esi Amanda Kudu (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School of Law, 2016); Frederich Abu Bonsrah (Ghana School of Law, 2017); Mawusi Eyi Kudu (Ghana School of Law, 2018); Victor Azure (University of Ghana School of Law, 2018); Nana Adwoa Baiden (Ghana School of Law, 2018). You are next on this list.

What happens after I win Lex: Lead?

You become an ambassador and a part of a resourceful network that you can rely on for mentorship, career guidance and advise. Lex: Lead ambassadors are given mentors in academia and legal practice from around the world. Other opportunities are available, too. For example, in November 2018, Mawunya Amanda Kudu through her work with Lex: Lead was invited to the World Bank, Washington D.C,  to speak at the Law Justice and Development (LJD) week. Frederick Abu Bonsrah and Nana Adwoa Baiden have had internships with Advocates for Community Alternatives (ACA) through their affiliation with Lex: Lead and yours truly is currently working on entries for the American Bar Association’s Year in Review (2019) for Africa.

I strongly recommend that you participate in this year’s Lex: Lead to hone your writing skill and to win.

Let’s get writing!!

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”— Richard Bach


Best wishes to you,

Victor Azure

Lex: Lead Ambassador