Your Idiosyncrasies do not matter by Queensca Pamela Asare

‘So as you have given the blade to the child to play with, as a wise person

Do you not think it will hurt him?

Mama Aba screams at her husband

And it is comprehendible why


We mostly find ourselves in situations

Where the only thing needed is common sense

Not a complex or explain-with-a-diagram notions

Just common sense from thence


There is this man in our minds

Who we channel reasonable acts through

One with who expected reactions must be aligned

Through his magnifying glass, we see the world’s view

No, you should not peel away from his qualities

Darling, they do not matter, your idiosyncrasies


Throwing a child up and down like a stone

‘Oh do not worry, the Almighty will hold him in the air as his own’

Or seeing a pregnant woman being beaten to a pulp

Your heart and eyes respond quickly, your saliva you gulp

‘Oh no wait, let us see if the woman will grow wings and fly, I believe in such magical happenings’

Says your friend

And so you look on, until the end

And then the insults welcome themselves…’nti nka woye nyansani a.. .’

‘I believe so, it can happen, in my cult, according to my belief….’ these thoughts are

to the wise man..bizarre

You do what a Wiseman will do at a particular time

Do not wait for the clock of regret to chime

You have no excuses for not being like the wise man in most situations

Not even your idiosyncrasies, for they do not matter.