Don Births Registrar, it’s A Windmill;Not An Evil Giant by DAVID ASIEDU

“Don Births Registrar, It’s A Windmill; Not An Evil Giant” A Title’s Not A Name Ring-ring. You’re in the office. The phone rings. The caller introduces himself as Nii XYZ. Flip it. Introduces herself as Maame ABC. Would you begin to think this person royalty? In 2017 Ghana! Apparently, the Births and Deaths Registry (BDR) […]

“Do refugee and migration law affect poverty and economic development? by Mawunya Etsa Kudu.”

The raging winds buffeted the rickety boat, as all the refugees huddled under thread bare blankets in a desperate attempt to keep warm. The rain began to fall steadily and the cold wind whipped their faces, searing their skins with uncommon fierceness. Their gaunt pale faces were absolute Picassos of misery while the chattering teeth sounded more like the gourd rattles they made merry with in the idyllic days before the civil war had ruined everything.

“Identity, Mereological Puzzles, and the Construction of Fundamental Legal Concepts” by Yafran Fodoye.

Legal discourse makes frequent references to “persons” and “property” with little more than technical jurisprudential squabbles about what these terms indicate or mean in esse. It is often enough to assume the common-sense definitions of these terms as the Kelsenian grundnorm of legal discussion.