FEMINISM: An Avenue For Man Hating Or A Tool For Societal Change by Priscilla Vitoh

In recent times, feminist movements have made very strong waves. The ‘Me too’ movement, a movement championed by a formerly abused woman in Hollywood, for example, has left in its wake shattered careers of Hollywood moguls like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein to big politicians like US senator Al Franken, the self-styled giant of the senate, among […]

The Real Face of the Three-Faced God – Religion, Science and Law (PART II) by Ama Boakyewaa Adjei

And the third was gifted to the Black Robes, who above all else desire power – Law What’s the law? A course in jurisprudence answers this, and tells intriguing tales of how the law operates to create functional societies. According to Salmon, if ‘science’ includes the systematized knowledge of any subject of legal inquiry, jurisprudence […]

“60 Years of Problem Finding” by Nuerkey Narh

The entire Ghanaian community, from its inception has re-echoed it’s underdevelopment to all and sundry, even to the unborn generations. Not to rub it in, but, we are all aware that we are far behind satisfactory standards when it comes to infrastructure, education, healthcare, the economy – safe to say, every  aspect of Ghanaian life. […]