The history of Commissions of Inquiry in Ghana and the 1992 constitution in the wake of the Ayawaso election Emile Short Commission By Amanda Nutakor

On 31st January, 2019 disaster struck at La Bawaleshie, in the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency during a by-election. According to, men dressed in black polo shirts and khaki trousers stormed the La Bawaleshie Primary School polling station where voting was ongoing to elect a new MP. Eyewitnesses said that the men engaged in a […]

How Far Should Separation of Powers Go By Victor Azure

The 1979 constitution of Ghana marked the first time Ghana adopted a strict separation of powers model. Under this constitution there was a strict separation of functions and personnel among the arms of government. For example Members of Parliament who had been appointed as ministers by the president had to vacate their seats. This led […]


In NPP v AG, (The 31st December Case) which was decided in 1993/94, Chief Justice Archer who was on the side of the minority cautioned that the Judiciary should not act like an Octopus and stretch it’s eight tentacles here and there looking for jurisdiction not constitutionally meant for it. In other words, he strongly […]